Everything you should know About Ottoman Bed

If you’re looking for a storage bed, you’re probably seeing results for Ottoman beds, and you’re probably wondering what that is. This blog examines what an Ottoman is and what types of furniture are classified as Ottomans. We have everything from footstools to beds and even sofas.

What exactly is an Ottoman?

An Ottoman is a piece of furniture that serves as a footstool and, on occasion, a coffee table. Its padded cushion sits on top of a solid frame, and it has no arms or a backrest.

The following are some examples of what you can do with your time. Ottomans are placed in front of sofas and chairs so that people can put their feet up and relax.

Ottomans, also known as footstools, typically have a hinged lid that opens to reveal storage inside. This area is ideal for storing throws, magazines, and additional pillows or cushions.

Flat-top Ottomans are sometimes used as coffee tables for drinks or to hold remotes.

Why is it referred to as an Ottoman?

The term Ottoman was coined in the 1700s in Turkey, the seat of the Ottoman Empire. Ottomans were long benches with cushions piled on top in this part of the world. They were placed to the side of the room and were used for relaxation.

When the term reached Britain in the early 1800s, it was associated with a footstool. Ottomans are now used as coffee tables, storage units, blanket boxes, and even beds.

What exactly is an Ottoman bed?

An Ottoman bed is a type of bed that raises to reveal additional storage beneath. It’s intended to hold everyday items like clothes and shoes, as well as luggage and bedding.

The mattress sits on a gas-lifting hydraulic mechanism that makes it easy to lift and down. Ottoman beds are classified into two types:

  1. Ottoman bed with end opening
  2. Ottoman bed with a side opening

Both mechanisms have the same opening angle; they just pivot from different points. If your bed is in a location that makes it difficult to access the bottom, you can replace it with a side opening Ottoman bed.

AAA Furniture Ottoman beds are designed to fit into small spaces, but despite their small size, these beds hide a lot of space inside. In fact, Ottoman beds have far more storage than standard drawer beds because the entire space underneath the bed is utilized.

Is an Ottoman bed available in different sizes?

Our custom Ottoman beds are available in a variety of sizes. There are eight sizes in total, ranging from single to emperor, as well as every British and European size in between.

Top three AAA Furniture beds

AAA Furniture Ottoman beds are handcrafted in the United Kingdom to exacting standards. There are six styles available in a variety of colours. We’ve compiled a list of our top three Ottoman beds to help you narrow down your options.

Ottoman bed in a hotel

The Ottoman bed at the Hotel has to be seen to be believed. This stylish bed appears to be from a hotel, but lift the mattress to reveal a large amount of storage. Despite its small size, the winged headboard and slender metal legs of this bed give it a stately presence.

A quick look at the Hotel Ottoman bed:

  • 30cm deep storage
  • With Hotel+, you can add an extra 5cm.
  • Choose from hundreds of different colours of leather or fabric.
  • All sizes in the UK and Europe are available.

Bed with a low Ottoman

If you have limited space, this functional Ottoman bed is ideal. Our ‘Low’ beds are cleverly designed to make small rooms appear larger and ceilings appear higher – all while sacrificing storage space.

A quick look at the Low Ottoman bed:

  • Storage depth of 22cm
  • With Low+, you can add an extra 5cm.
  • Choose from hundreds of different colours of leather or fabric.
  • End or side opening mechanisms are available.
  • All sizes in the UK and Europe are available.

Ottoman bad illusion

This elegant Ottoman bed combines elegance with practical storage. It has a strong steel mechanism that can be opened from the end or the side, and its wooden storage tray extends all the way to the floor for added capacity.

There are 14 headboards available in leather or fabric.

At a glance, the Illusion Ottoman bed:

  • Storage depth of 33cm
  • With Illusion+, you can add an extra 5cm.
  • Choose from hundreds of different colours.
  • All sizes in the UK and Europe are available.

How much weight can an Ottoman bed support?

Storage is always an issue whether you live in a house or a flat. An Ottoman bed is an excellent storage option. It saves space underneath your bed that would otherwise be wasted, and it also keeps your bedroom tidy.

Our storage beds range in capacity from 600 cubic litres to a whopping 1,100 cubic litres. Of course, the type of bed you select is determined by how much storage space you require.

The Max storage bed has the most storage space underneath it. You should be able to store suitcases, ski gear, winter clothes, and spare bedding with plenty of room to spare.

The Simplicity is more compact, with a storage height of 20cm that is ideal for shoe boxes, clothing, extra bedding, and linens.

Do Ottoman beds have headboards?

All of our beds are handcrafted in our Nottingham workshop, and you can order them with or without a headboard. If you change your mind, you can order your headboard separately later.

AAA Furniture headboards can be fitted directly to the bed frame or wall-mounted to create a focal point in your bedroom.

Our Ottoman beds are available in sections, making access to your property simple – even if you live on the top floor of an apartment building! We’ll put your bed together on-site so you can start using it sooner than you think.

What exactly is a storage Ottoman sofa?

The term Ottoman is now used to describe any piece of furniture with storage. What began as a footstool and evolved into a bed can now also serve as an Ottoman sofa with storage.

With this type of sofa, you can hide everything you don’t want on display and free up your living space. It has storage under the seat cushions and in the arm rests where you can keep everyday items like throws and extra cushions for easy access.

Our Ottoman sofas are made to be functional without sacrificing style. There are six different designs to choose from in a variety of colours.

Why should you go with a AAA Furniture Ottoman bed?

AAA Furniture is on a mission to create furniture that is both stylish and functional. We all know that most homes lack adequate built-in storage, and we’re all struggling to fit our lives into the space we have.

Our Ottoman beds might look compact, but they are hiding a huge amount of storage space, that is designed to give you back some much-needed room.