See our assortment of Ottoman beds for 2023 for ultimate bedroom storag

Ottoman beds have been one of our most popular items for a number of years. You still have time to give your home the “new year, new me” treatment with one of our handcrafted Ottoman Beds, despite the fact that the new year has already begun.

You may already know that we’re a producer and retailer of bed frames and headboards. Our products are crafted by hand at our Yorkshire-based workshop, which employs some of the finest craftsmen the industry has to offer.

Continue reading to learn more about our Ottoman collections, including all you might want to know about these incredible beds, the various purchasing options, and how to make the most of your new Ottoman bed!

What exactly is an Ottoman Bed?

Ottomans have been around for a very long time and are currently a very popular option for beds. This collection of furniture, originating from the Ottoman Empire (now known as Turkey), is a remarkable depiction of culture, elegance, and functionality.

By the close of the eighteenth century, it was evident that the Ottoman style of furniture was ahead of its time. The built-in storage possibilities were popular with the furniture’s owners. Thus, Ottoman furniture and beds spread throughout Europe.

In the twenty-first century, ottoman beds are loved all over the world. Read more about the history of the Ottomans in our most recent blog post.

Why are Ottoman beds so well-liked?

Despite the fact that some modern, newly constructed homes are reasonably livable due to their small size, storage space may be lacking. Standard storage facilities for large items such as linen, towels, and fitness equipment can be difficult to find. Ottoman Beds are the bed of choice for individuals seeking additional living space in a contemporary home, as they double as a storage area as well as a comfortable sleeping place.

Even if you have a spacious home, they are extremely efficient. The storage space underneath your bed helps keep your bedroom nice and clutter-free. The Ottoman Bed from Aspire will provide you with the best night’s sleep possible.

Choices for Ottoman Beds at Aspire

Our selection of Ottomans includes all the common UK bed sizes, as well as a variety of styles to suit all preferences and budgets!

Our size selection for our Ottomans include:

3ft Single Ottoman

– Our Ottoman single beds provide comfort and storage, in addition to being aesthetically pleasing and utilitarian. Ottoman single storage beds are suitable for compact bedrooms and box rooms.

4ft Small Double Ottoman

– Our Small Double Ottoman Beds are great for compact bedrooms, teen rooms, and guest rooms with limited space due to its easily accessible under-bed storage.

4ft 6in Double Ottoman

– Double Ottoman Beds offer exquisite luxury and attractive, easily accessible storage without taking up additional floor space. A comfortable night’s sleep and a magnificent centrepiece for any bedroom.

5ft King Size Ottoman

Our King Size Ottoman beds provide opulent comfort, ample resting room, and vast storage space beneath the bed. Our superior craftsmanship guarantees long-lasting quality and a restful night’s sleep, and is available in a variety of colours, fabrics, and attractive designs.

6ft Super King Ottoman

– Our 6ft Super King Size Ottoman Beds provide the utmost in sleeping comfort and storage capacity. Stretch out guilt-free on the comfortable resting space while the underbed storage conceals a vast quantity of goods within the bed frame. Never before have comfort and functionality looked so sophisticated.

Each Ottoman Bed is offered in a vast array of colours and materials, from hardy linens and weaves to plush velvets and velours. All of our fabrics have been rigorously tested and certified by us, and our trained crew will upholster your bed by hand.Choose from:

Plush velvet

Kimiyo linen
Malham fabric
Mirazzi velvet
Firenza velour knit Yorkshire
Saxon twill Eire linen distressed velvet
Pure pastel cotton

Choose from our York Knit collection for a taste of Aspire’s heritage, or for something with a more contemporary finish to complement your new built home, our Plush or Mirazzi Mirazzi could be the best option.

Choose an ottoman bed that fits your budget

Having a budget in mind is essential while constructing your dream bedroom. That is why we offer storage beds to accommodate all budgets. If you are on a tighter budget, choose our Storage Ottoman Bed alternative. It has sleek, basic lines and a contemporary appearance, as well as a built-in easy-action lift. Coupled with one of our exquisitely crafted headboards, it provides additional comfort, style, and storage for the bedroom.