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Versatile Divan Beds

Choose one of our divan beds to furnish a comfy and functional sleeping area. AAA Furniture understands that while selecting a bed, you may be seeking more than just a place to sleep. Whether you're looking to create an inviting guest room or you have a busy household that needs additional storage space, a divan base can accommodate your needs.

Why go for a divan?

A divan bed has several wonderful advantages, including:


Due to its compact dimension and convenient storage compartments, a divan bed is ideal for smaller bedrooms and preserving floor space. A divan is easy to measure and incorporate into your house, as it is sized to accommodate your mattress. If space is your primary worry, allow us to inspire you with our helpful recommendations for making a tiny bedroom appear larger.

Fashion for everyone

While functionality is essential, you also want your bed to be attractive. It is, after all, the focal point of your bedroom! Fortunately, divan beds are available in a vast array of colours and materials, allowing you to pick one that complements your décor. Find incredibly plush upholstered frames made of twill and velvet in a variety of stunning hues, including neutrals such as grey, white, black, and contemporary blues and greens. There are also other colourful options, such as orange and leopard print.

Numerous storage alternatives

Several of our divan beds come with customizable storage options, allowing you to pick the perfect bed frame for your space. Choose between 4 drawers, 2 drawers, full-size drawers, continental drawers, and even half-ottoman, half-divan drawers. All of them are intended to make storage accessible and your bedroom uncluttered and stress-free.