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Just Memory Foam Mattress


The Which? Best Buy Coolmax Hybrid is the next level in comfort.   The micro pocket spring layer moves in synergy with your body and movements by partners will go unnoticed.

The micro pocket spring layer is airy, strong and light but you won’t feel a single spring!


Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are conducive to sound sleep. Memory foam mattresses are among the most comfortable mattresses available. These are called “memory” mattresses because they conform to your shape, relieve your pressure points, and give you a nice night’s sleep for many years.

What is a mattress with memory foam?

A layer of memory foam is paired with springs or another layer of supporting foam to create a memory foam mattress. While you sleep on memory foam, your body heat will form the mattress to your body. As you wake up in the morning, the memory foam will revert to its original shape, but it will remember your body position. Because it is tailored to your unique shape, you will experience tremendous support and comfort as you sleep.

What distinguishes a memory foam mattress from other mattresses?

Nearly all memory foam mattresses are composed of high-density foam. Hence, memory foam mattresses tend to feel heavier than traditional spring mattresses. Moreover, they are less buoyant than spring mattresses, and they may feel warmer during the summer months due to the foam’s ability to retain heat.

If heat retention is a problem and you wake up sweaty, you may want to consider a gel memory foam mattress. The primary distinction between a memory foam mattress and a gel memory foam mattress is that the gel memory foam mattress incorporates cooling gels. The gel will absorb heat while you sleep, making you feel cooler and more comfortable.