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3000 Pocket Spring Mattress


  • Compactly filled with natural materials, such as wool and cashmere to ensure comfort
  • The moisture-absorbent cotton fabric helps regulate temperature and prevents uncomfortable warm nights
  • Finished with a wool-enriched, hand-tufted top adds to an extra level of comfort
  • Crafted with a high pocket spring count which absorbs sudden movement
  • Rated at a medium/firm firmness level, making it ideal for orthopedic requirements
  • Complete with breathability-enhancing air vents that guarantee prolonged freshness


3000 Pocket Spring Mattress

The AAA Furniture 3000 Pocket Spring Mattress will not only provide you with high levels of comfort but will also provide you with the peaceful sleep you deserve by supporting every area of your body.

With 3000 individually nested pocket springs, this Mattress offers responsive support and conforms to your resting position and body curves to ensure a balanced weight distribution.

In addition to 3,000 dual-suspension pocket springs for increased comfort and airflow, the 3000 series incorporates the luxurious natural qualities of lambswool and silk into a high-performance design that also features two rows of hand-side stitching attached to the springs to improve shape retention.

The pocket-sprung unit has discrete pocket springs that respond independently to your body’s movements and weight, providing full back support.

Our 3000-pocket springs with dual suspension represent the most modern spring technology on the market. They are engineered to deliver the utmost in responsive support and unrivaled levels of comfort, all while preserving exceptional airflow efficiency.

With Ultra-Fresh antimicrobial protection, this mattress provides resistance to dust mites and bacterial growth for a healthier, fresher sleeping environment.

With a 3000 pocket sprung mattress, a medium-firm support rating, and tufting for increased longevity, this mattress offers the optimum blend of comfort and individualized support for a restful, revitalizing night’s sleep.

Each nested Pocket Spring act independently to ensure that all body parts are supported evenly. The springs mold to the body to provide maximum comfort.