Sleigh Beds Both Traditional and Modern

The Sleigh Bed is one of the most popular furniture trends in England for 2021. Few household items consume as much of our time as our beds. The number of times people say, “I can’t wait to get into bed,” demonstrates how much downtime the country values. That desire will only grow stronger with a sleigh bed!

Sleigh beds are more than just a place to relax and close your eyes at the end of the day; they are a work of art. The instantly recognisable classic design works well in a variety of settings and is available in a variety of new styles for modern beds and bedrooms.

What Exactly Is a Sleigh Bed?

The sleigh bed has remained iconic for centuries by utilising two unmistakable distinguishing features. Sleigh beds, which are modelled after the shape of a snow sled, such as that of a certain cookie-eating elf, help add instant flair to any bedroom. A variety of styles are available in your choice of colour, upholstery, and size. Although the overall appearance can be changed, the quality of our beds remains constant.

Important Features

Because of their iconic shape, these beds work well. Knowing what you do and doing it well are the keys to standing the test of time. Sleigh beds have evolved significantly since their inception, but some things remain constant.

There is a whole new range available, and no matter which type you choose, you will undoubtedly see these two things:

Bed Frames with Curves

In a sleigh bed, the bed frame is everything. Curved bed frames are an obvious distinguishing feature of sleigh beds. The headboard and footrest of a sleigh bed frame are curved. The amount it curves depends on the style. Some have a curved back or side panels with a fluid wave-like shape, which only adds to the overall sleigh effect. This distinguishing feature is present in all of our available options to varying degrees. We always consider what the customer wants and offer something for everyone.

Headboard Height

Sleigh beds are distinguished by a high-rise headboard at the back. Although they could be made with a lower type, the aesthetic of the bed would be lost. Headboards can be made of wood, leather, upholstered, or tufted, as long as they are high enough above the pillows. Because the headboard is such a distinguishing feature of a sleigh bed, colour choices for sleigh beds frequently revolve around it.

Why Did You Select This Look?

There are numerous new design options based on the original sleigh bed shape. Imitation is the highest form of flattery, and when it comes to sleigh beds, it is the name of the game.

  • Sleigh beds are adaptable and can be used with a variety of home interior design styles.
  • High-quality upholstered models are available at a reasonable price.
  • These beds are both luxurious in appearance and feel.
  • With these statement beds, you can instantly upgrade the look of your bedroom.
  • There are several options for incorporating storage into the frame. Hidden drawers or open spaces under the mattress that can be closed up are a dream for houses with limited space. Sort out your clutter issues and bed design all at once.
  • Sleigh beds can fit the bill whether you want classic elegance or modern quirk.

Look no further if you want beds that make a statement, are incredibly comfortable and supportive for your back, and come with customisable options to blend in with the rest of your space. Our beds are not only well-made and exquisitely finished, but they are also reasonably priced and come with free delivery options.

Sleigh Bed Varieties

As previously stated, there are numerous variations on the original sleigh bed design now available, but what exactly are they? Please take a moment before filtering through the options to learn more about the various sleigh beds we offer.

Sleigh (Traditional)

Sleigh beds were traditionally made of wood because that was all that was available at the time. Fortunately, there are now numerous alternatives. Traditional goes beyond having a wooden bed frame: it’s all in the shape. The overly curved, scroll-like style on the headboard and footrest distinguishes this design. Whatever material you choose, a traditional sleigh bed should always have this distinct appearance.

This style is typically accompanied by a high mattress to complement the design and add to the overall grandeur of the bed. Sleigh beds are all about luxury and decadence, so choose bed linen and decor accordingly.

Sleigh Tufted Bed

Our exquisite sleigh beds are available in a variety of materials. The tufted sleigh bed is the most popular choice in England in 2021, which is why we are concentrating our efforts here. You can have your order upholstered in a variety of faux leather covers, velvet finish material, and natural or synthetic fabrics.

One of the most appealing aspects of tufted sleigh bed designs is how distinctive they can be. Every time we make a bed to order, the customer specifies the material, colour, and overall finish. As a result, if you so desire, you can make a high-quality, one-of-a-kind bed.

Sleigh Style Storage Bed

Clever storage is something that will never go out of style. Customers who want to save space and keep their belongings organised prefer bed frames with built-in drawers. For centuries, AAA furniture has been redefining the way people think about home storage! Storage is an age-old issue, as is having a comfortable place to rest your head.

You don’t have to forego extra storage just because you want a unique and beautiful sleigh bed! Drawers can be easily added to the frame, or the entire structure can be built as an ottoman. There is no need to narrow down your requirements when ordering a bed from us.

Instead, please tell us what you require and leave the rest to us. Beautiful design and smart storage are not mutually exclusive and can coexist in perfect harmony.

If you choose a storage sleigh bed, keep in mind that it may require a low mattress. 

You may find that the thick mattresses used on traditional sleigh beds are too heavy for ottoman style products.

What size options are there?

Sleigh beds come in a variety of sizes. It shouldn’t matter how much space you have if you want to add a touch of whimsy to your bedroom! (From Bed Advice UK)

King Size / Super King Size:

Sleigh beds look fantastic in a master bedroom with a king-size or super-king-size mattress. On a king bed, the decadence of a more ornate frame looks stunning. You can go even bigger if you have the space!

Double / Small Double:

Smaller master beds are also ideal for displaying this style. If your bedroom has limited free space, a small double bed can accommodate the signature bed frame’s curves. Because of the curved headboard, the bed cannot have its back flat against the wall, so keep this in mind before deciding on a size.

Single Size:

A single sleigh bed has a magical quality to it, especially in a children’s room. The almost festive design will pique your children’s interest, and you can always use a little extra storage to free up some space!

Last Thoughts

The curved bed frames used in the design of a sleigh bed are the obvious focal point of any bedroom. Everything about these beds screams luxury and quality, from the scrolling footrest to the wave of the towering headboard. There is nothing the sleigh bed cannot adapt to and make shine, from leather to linen, old-fashioned to ottoman.

You won’t find more adaptable statement beds than these, especially when you use our made-to-order service. Our page is one of the best places to find beautiful sleigh beds in the UK today, with the best materials, customizable storage options, and new designs added on a regular basis.

Check out our current products or contact us for more information on the range. Filter your menu search by price, size, type, or colour to get a better idea of what you’re looking for. Fast and free delivery is just another feather in our cap. When it comes to beds, you can count on AAA Furniture to provide the highest quality as well as the most recent trends.

Sleigh beds are becoming increasingly popular in English homes. Why not look around and see for yourself?