Making Small Bedrooms Look Bigger

The best things come in small packages. However, having a little extra space in your bedroom does not always appear to be the worst thing in the world. So, how do you make a small room appear larger?

We’ve compiled a few tips and tricks to help you maximise your sleeping space, whether you need to get organised or simply prefer the minimalist aesthetic. From rethinking your bedroom layout to doubling up on your dressing table, small changes can have a big impact.

How can I fit a double bed in such a small space?

1. Select your ideal multi-functional bed.

Keep furniture to a minimum to make a bedroom appear larger, so why not incorporate a multi-functional sleep space into your humble abode? So why not start small with a double bed?

Okay, so we’re cheating because it’s not a double bed, but bear with us! A small double bed frame is slightly smaller than a standard double bed, measuring 120cm (4ft) wide by 190cm (6ft 3ins) long – ideal for smaller bedrooms! Even better, you could choose a small double Ottoman bed or a small double bed with storage to help keep your home tidy and organised.

Always use caution when storing items. So, if your budget doesn’t allow for a new bed frame, or if you simply adore your current bed (hopefully from yours truly), why not invest in some sleek bedside tables? Or how about some stylish storage boxes that also serve as a statement piece? Whatever it is, make use of every awkward nook, cranny, and centimetre you can find. Check out our comprehensive guide to small double beds! Or use our handy measuring guide to help you measure your space!

2. Rethink the layout of your sleeping quarters.

Rethink the layout of your room to give it a new look – nothing says cluttered space like too much furniture! Learning how to position and organise bedroom furniture is essential for making the most of available space.

To maximise available space, keep furniture to a minimum, invest in multi-purpose furniture, and experiment with more compact frames. Take a look around to see what works with the contours of your home, whether it’s a slimmer bedside table, a small double bed with storage, or a kid’s bed with a built-in desk.

3. Let some light in by opening the curtains.

Allow some natural light into your bedroom and watch the space expand. A brighter environment not only improves mood, but also makes a sleeping area appear calming and much larger.

Use ambient lighting as the day turns to night. Hanging lights, bedside lamps, and floor lamps, for example, can all contribute to the creation of a warm and welcoming environment.

4. Examine your surroundings – literally.

Treat yourself to a stylish statement mirror – you won’t be sorry. Mirror decorating is a simple yet effective way to make a bedroom appear larger than it is. They are ideal for reflecting natural light and also help to reflect the room itself, creating the illusion of openness and space.

Not only are they essential for optimising a small sleeping space, but they also look great while doing so! A Baroque-style mirror above your bed or two arched leaner mirrors on either side of a small double bed frame are both good options.

5. Increase the size of your dressing table.

Make the most of any bedroom furniture you have, but keep clutter to a minimum! Use your dressing table as a quiet reading nook, a stylish WFH desk, or even a small space for making shopping lists – whatever you require, try to work with what you have.

However, keep unsightly clutter to a minimum! When not in use, tuck away jewellery, perfumes, and other trinkets to keep your home tidy and organised. While it is not ideal to double your desk, smaller homes can benefit greatly from this approach.

Maximize your sleeping space while remaining fashionable.

With so many room-renovation hacks available, perhaps having a smaller home isn’t as bad as you were led to believe. And maybe that spacious sleeping space you’ve been fantasising about isn’t as far away as you thought…

So, whether you decorate with a stunning mirror or invest in a small double Ottoman bed, there are a plethora of simple tweaks and tricks that can help optimise your sleeping space. We’d love to hear your tricks for making a small bedroom appear larger, so please get in touch and share your AAA Furniture setup on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!