How to Get Go of Your Old Mattress in an Easy and Environmentally Friendly Way

Find out more about how to dispose of your old mattress in an environmentally friendly manner by reading this blog post from AAA Furniture, your trusted online resource for all things related to sleep.

When it’s time to upgrade your sleep setup, the old mattress must go in the trash. Yes, but where? As soon as it arrives, you might be tempted to throw it away in the trash and forget about it. But here are some things to consider before you load up the car.

In 2016, discarded mattresses contributed over 215,000 metric tonnes to landfill rubbish in the United Kingdom. (as reported by the Centre for Remanufacturing & Reuse). Only one in ten low-income households has access to a bed (BBC News, 2017)

There are around 10 million pieces of furniture and other home items (including beds, chairs, and mattresses) that are sent to landfill every year in the United Kingdom.
Three million tonnes of rubbish represent potentially usable or recyclable household goods.

Contribute what you can.

It’s important to evaluate the state of your mattress before you decide to throw it away. If it is clean and in good condition, it could make a world of difference to someone else’s sleep pattern even if it isn’t working for you.

Donating your old mattress can be a terrific method to aid the charities that accept them. By donating to them, you can rest assured that your old mattress will be put to good use, and you’ll save a pretty penny in the process.

One thing to keep in mind is that the charity may only accept specific types of mattresses. The fire warning label should be free of dirt and debris and in excellent condition.

Find here a selection of UK organizations who are happy to receive your gently used mattress.

The British Heart Foundation will pick up your old mattress for free and resell it to charity.
Fill out an online form, upload photos of your mattress, and schedule a free pick-up with the Furniture Donation Network. Homeless folks might get help furnishing their new homes from this group.
British Red Cross — The Red Cross offers free mattress collection in select locations, and also resells donated mattresses in its thrift stores.
As for Emmaus, we have 29 distribution centres all around the United Kingdom, and we’ll pick up your donations at no cost to you.

The mission of Free cycle, a non-profit organisation, is to divert usable waste from landfills. Posting your free old mattress online is a great way to let folks in your area know it’s available. No money will change hands (thus the name “Free cycle”), but if someone shows interest, you can set up a time for them to pick it up.

You can put it up for sale on the classifieds website Gumtree.

With any luck, you can sell it for credit towards a replacement. Gumtree is only one of many online marketplaces where you may sell your wares. You may post your mattress for free after signing up, which takes only a few minutes. Just snap a few photos and jot down some notes, and locals will be able to check it out. Images must be an accurate depiction of the mattress, and it is highly recommended that all fire warning labels be legible and in place.

Bed Guru is a company that removes beds.

Bed Guru is here to assist you in disposing of your old bed and mattress. You can have us haul away your old bed and mattress if you so choose when you place your order. Customers can take advantage of this offer when they buy a mattress and bed frame together, however it does not cover the disassembly of the bed frame.

Don’t be so hasty the next time you buy a bed.

It’s important to consider environmental impacts while shopping for a new mattress. Why not get a natural mattress and live a more green lifestyle? To get furniture delivered, call AAA.